Heroes among us

Yesterday we celebrated The 4th of July.  It's one of my favorite holidays.  on the 4th we celebrate our independence as a nation.  We grill burgers and hot dogs and drink beer, or in my case margaritas, and pop fireworks when it finally gets dark.  The 4th of July is a time to get together with family and friends and just have fun.  But while you were celebrating did you stop to think about or thank one of the many heroes around you that keep us safe on a daily basis and protect that freedom and independence that you are enjoying?  

We have Memorial Day and Veterans Day to honor and remember those military personnel and their families that have come before us and who are still here making a difference.  While these heroes are vastly important to each and every one of us, today I want to shed some light on some other heroes.  Heroes that maybe aren't as appreciated as they should be.

When we think of heroes you might think of Marvel Comics and other fantastic characters. But heroic deeds take place every day.  One of these such deeds in organ donation.  Last month a local woman and, I'm proud to say, friend of mine selflessly donated a kidney to her husbands cousin.  Kelsey never even gave it a second thought.  She saw a need and, after finding out she was a match, said let's do this!  Kelsey is a true hero.

Along that line, another group of every day heroes that don't get the recognition they deserve is nurses.  It takes a truly special person to be a nurse.  I mean, just the amount of patience alone it takes to deal with people day in and day out surely deserves saint hood, a medal or at the very least recognition of their acts of kindness and selflessness.  I know, as a chronically ill woman, I am forever grateful and thankful for the team of nurses that deal with me on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis.  Without these women (and men) I know I wouldn't be able to function half as well as I do.  

Next time you are about to get poked in the arm, or rear end, or you are having your blood drawn how about saying "Thank You!" for all that you do.  And if you are feeling especially thankful how about a cute little gift like this nurse scrubs Key Fob from WallowaWonders on GypsySpoonful

Nurse Scrubs Key Fob WallowaWonders

These nurse key fobs are fun little scrubs in key chain form.  This snap tab key fob is perfect to keep all those keys organized.  Created with soft, easy to clean vinyl and attached to a split ring key ring to add all your keys easily.


Another group of heroes who don't get the recognition I personally think they deserve is Firefighters.  These men and women literally rush head first into flaming buildings to rescue people and put out fires.  We don't give these amazing people near enough credit for the job they do.  My daughter has always loved stopping in the middle of the street when the firemen are out collecting donations in their boots.  Next time you see one of these heroic men and women take a beat and say thank you!  They don't hear it near enough.  And if you are feeling extra grateful check out these awesome gifts for firefighters.

This key chain set by, well, me! makes a great gift for firefighters and their loved ones.  Give a piece to your firefighter and keep them close to your heart with the other piece.  These personalized firefighter key fobs make great gifts for any occasion.  Also available in my Gypsyspoonful shop.

Another great gift for a firefighters best friend is this adorable reversible dog bandana by PetKneads on GypsySpoonful.

dog bandana

If you’re a firefighter with a dog or know a firefighter with a dog than this bandana is a must have!   It is a reversible bandana with fire trucks, firefighters, and dalmations on one side and a full fledged fire on the other.

A list of unsung heroes wouldn't be complete with police officers.  Seriously, they get a bad rap sometimes and there are bad apples in every orchard but how many times in your life have you needed a police officer.  Think about it.  Not only do they put their lives on the line everyday for things of a violent nature like robbery and drugs and gun related incidents, but they also play a vital role in many different aspects of the day to day of any community.  Have you ever been in a wreck? Police Officer.  Traffic lights out? Police Officer.  Been to a parade? Police Officer.  We are surrounded, in a good way, every day but these heroes and they deserve our respect and thanks for all they do.  Say hello and thank you to an officer the next time you see one.  I promise you it will make their day. And, if you are feeling extra, you could get them one of these amazing handmade gifts to say thank you.

This key chain set makes a great personalized gift for police officers and their loved ones.  Give a piece to your police officer and keep them close to your heart with the other piece.  These Always come home to me police officer key chain sets make great gifts for any occasion.  Also available in my Gypsyspoonful shop.

Another amazing handmade item I found is this Police Officer apron, perfect for your hero on the grill!  This is a custom apron made by MeeshsPieces on GypsySpoonful.  

The next time you are out shopping or at the doctors office stop, take a minute and say thank you.  These people do heroic things every day.  They deserve our heartfelt love, respect and thanks for all that they do.

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