Celebrating Handmade

I love handmade.  Handmade furniture, handmade jewelry, handmade clothes and especially handmade signs.  I also sell handmade.  Handmade jewelry to be precise. But all too often handmade artists like myself are trampled by big company's and mass produced foreign items passed off as handmade.  This is exactly what has happened and is continuing to happen in the land of E***.  

Don't get me wrong, I sell on E***.  I've been selling my jewelry there since 2010 and bows for several years before that.  E*** was a great way for me to get my feet wet in the world of handcrafted artisans and help me get my name out there.  E*** proclaimed all items were handmade, vintage or supplies for years on end, and then they sold out.

These days E*** is a machine run by corporate big wigs and shareholders.  Search just about anything and you'll find fantastic handmade items being flanked by cheap knock-off imitation mass produced crap.   While it's still an OK place for me to sell my items I want something more.  Something more personal, like my jewelry.  I want something unique that not only SCREAMS handmade but IS actually all handmade.

Enter ******** is THE new home of handmade.  Here you can find....


Custom jewelry made by hand by makers making a living and raising a family by doing what they love.   

custom washer necklace

This custom gift for mom helps her keep the ones she loves close to her heart. Mom will cherish her sterling silver personalized washer necklace with kids names.  This custom necklace made by DCDJewelry. (insert shameless plug here ;) ) makes a great gift for Mom or Grandma.

 hemp bracelet

The colors in this hemp bracelet are wonderful.  This handmade artisan picked out just the right hemp color to make the colors in these beads POP!  Made by SaltWorks  the gift for dad is made with handcrafted one of a kind polymer clay beads in copper, blue and green. Make the guy in your life feel as cool as he looks with this hip bracelet.  Adjustable closure for just the fit Dad likes.


Kids clothing designers with a real eye for piecing together just the right swatch of material to make a truly unique custom outfit for your little one. 

Fourth of July dress

This adorable little sized 6 month tank top summer dress perfect to celebrate the 4th of July. Made by Ruby Dew Designs this dress has a lined bodice with soft stretchy knit, adorable flutter cap sleeves and a lightweight gathered skirt.


Custom T-Shirt makers who pick out just the right vinyl or embroidery thread to make their designs truly unique.

drama lama tank

I love my little drama lama.  She's a fierce and overly dramatic (no idea where on Earth she got that from lol) little diva.  How fun would these coordinating Mama Llama and Llama Drama tank tops be for you and your little drama llama to wear?  Made by DesignsbyDanielle these matching Shirts are perfect for showing who causes all the drama in your house! 


Home decor makers who cut and sand and burn unique sayings and pictures into just the right piece of wood for a design all their own.  Or meticulously twist and pull burlap and other materials to make a one of a kind door hanging. 

beach themed wreath

I just LOVE this wreath.  It actually may not be there when you go to look at it I love it that much.  The sea is calling to me and it will to you too when you hang this sea themed wreath on your door.  Made by My Spinning Mind Home Decor this wreath is made with burlap fabric, netting & high quality beads and decorations. Along with a wood sign “ YOU ME by ‘the SEA”, is cut out and weathered and surrounded by silver stars on a wire wreath frame finished off with Teal & Beige ribbon and bow. Measures approximately 18” X 18” X 6” and weights approximately 3 pounds.

Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorites growing up.  Made by TheTeachersNook this Alice in Wonderland 12X12 wooden quote sign can by hung or propped up in a nursery, classroom, bedroom, or displayed as wall art.


Hair accessory designers who painstakingly and meticulously craft that perfect bow for your little princess because that's what they love.  The list could go on and on....


Lady Bug head band

Just in time for those hot summer months, pull back your little lady bugs hair with this super adorable red and white lady bug hair band. Made by AlliciaDesigns this hair band is great for casual wear, or to add a little extra flair to that special outfit.


 popcorn flip flops

How flippin' cute are these movie themed flip flops made exclusively for  by BearKittenClothing !!?!  Treat your tootsies to one of our most POP-ular prints! Add these unique movie-theater flip flops to your wardrobe to make your summer style poppin’. Handmade in the U.S.A. using cotton lycra fabric, these yoga flip flops wrap gently, but securely, around your ankle for ultimate comfort.



While other sites are celebrating 13 years of selling out and screwing over their sellers, GS**** just celebrated it's first birthday.  And ultimately GS did the same exact thing except worse.

So if you are looking for handmade, truly handmade, one a kind items GS was NOT  the place to go.  When you buy from Gs you're supporting a mother, father, grandmother with a real family they are supporting while pursuing their passion. But unfortunately we were also supporting a lying cheating catfishing liar with zero morals.  Go check out the items and shops above at their websites.  Unfortunately none of the links still work but you might can google them.

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