Once upon a time...

When I was born my mother blessed (cursed) me with a very unique name. I could never find anything with my name on it. I longed for something, anything, with my name on it. I remember clearly taking a trip with my family to Six Flags as a child and having a key chain made out of wood with my name on it. I loved it and carried it around everywhere. It meant so much to me. 

As I grew I found a love for creating jewelry. Any kind of supplies I could get my hands on quickly became a treasured piece of jewelry.

Fast forward a few years and along came my baby girl. I too blessed (cursed) her with a unique name, like my mother did me, and again the search began for items with a unique name on them. My love of creating jewelry and my love of all things with her name on it quickly collided as I found stamped jewelry!

I am passionate about each piece I create and I pride myself on quality products and exceptional customer service. I also love creating new custom pieces! If you have an idea I’d love to make it a reality.

In 2023 my daughter gave birth to her first daughter and again passed on our legacy of unique names!

In 2024 we restructured and rename the company to include both jewelry and clothing!


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