Sparkle and Sentiment: Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts from Delena Wright Artisan Jewelry

As Mother's Day approaches, the quest to find that perfectly unique and heartfelt gift can feel daunting. At Delena Wright Artisan Jewelry, we believe every mother deserves a gift that reflects her beauty, strength, and the love she pours into the world. Here’s a curated list of our top 10 jewelry pieces that are sure to make her feel cherished on this special day.

1. Layered Sterling Silver and Copper Personalized Mother’s Necklace with Kids’ Names

A perfect blend of elegance and personal touch, this necklace features layers of sterling silver and copper, each customizable with her children's names. It's a beautiful way to keep her loved ones close to her heart.

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2. Mom/Grandma Established Personalized Necklace with Dates

Celebrate the milestones of motherhood with this stylish necklace, engraved with the significant dates that made her a mom or grandma. A timeless keepsake that commemorates her journey.

Mom Grandma Established Personalized Mom Necklace with dates

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3. Double Stacked Sterling Silver Personalized Mom Necklace with Kids’ Names

Double the love with this stacked necklace, offering two levels of personalization. It's a sophisticated piece that's as versatile as it is beautiful.

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4. Karma Necklace Gift Set

This sleek, circular necklace symbolizes the eternal bond and the endless love she gives and receives. It's a subtle yet powerful reminder of the karmic cycle of love.

karma necklace and earrings set

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5. Personalized 2-Name Necklace

Ideal for the mom of two or to honor both her and a partner, this dual-name necklace is a stylish way to wear her pride proudly.

Custom Sterling Silver 2 Disc Name Necklace

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6. Personalized Sterling Silver Double Washer Necklace

Featuring a concentric design, this necklace allows for personalization that circles her with love, making it a profound emblem of family unity.

Personalized Sterling Silver Name Necklace, Double Washer Necklace, Mother's Day Gift

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7. Personalized Mom Jewelry with Sterling Silver and Copper Heart

Combining the warmth of copper and the brightness of silver, this necklace with a heart centerpiece can be personalized with names, making it an emotional centerpiece of her jewelry collection.

sterling silver and copper personalized necklace for Mom

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8. Tiny Sterling Silver Initial Necklace

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. These tiny initial necklaces are perfect for layering or as a minimal nod to her children’s first letters.


Tiny Sterling Silver Initial Necklace

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9. Sterling Silver Personalized Mom Necklace with Kids’ Names

Another beautiful option to engrave her children's names, this piece combines elegance with a personal touch, ensuring it's a gift she'll treasure forever.

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10. Personalized Mother’s Washer Necklace with Kids’ Names

Round off our top ten with this charmingly rugged washer-style necklace, ideal for the mom who loves a modern twist on classic personalized pieces.


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Each piece at Delena Wright Artisan Jewelry is crafted with care, ensuring that your Mother's Day gift is as unique and special as the woman who wears it. Celebrate her with something as timeless and enduring as her love. Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there!

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