Ghosts of Natchez, Mississippi

This past weekend this beautiful young lady, My Grandma Bass, turned 92 years old and Emma and I were there to join in all the fun!  

me and grandma

me and Grandma

We stayed several days and not only enjoyed some much needed family time but we were able to see some of the sites in Natchez, Mississippi.  Our favorite was the ghost tour we took with Downtown Karla Brown.  If you are ever in Natchez you need to go on one of her tours.  Book with her early and she will tell you some of the other places in Natchez you should see!  

One of the places Karla told us to go see was Longwood.  Longwood is an unfinished 8-sided antebellum mansion with a byzantine onion-shaped dome.  


As you can see it is stunningly beautiful and one can only imagine how spectacular it would have been if it had been finished.  

Longwood Natchez Mississippi

Longwood is rumored to be haunted, as well as many places in Natchez, although the staff at Longwood assured me they had no ghosts (wink).

One of the other places we were told we had to visit and eat at was Kings Tavern.  Sadly we did not have enough time to eat there but we did get to stop and take some pictures of this rumored to be haunted and oldest building in Natchez.  Notice the sign (Spirits of all kinds)!

Kings Tavern Natchez

We also toured Choctaw Hall while we were in town.  Ya'll, you need to see this house.  Not only is it stunningly beautiful inside and out, but the owner is a hoot!  His tour was so much fun and very informative.  I didn't get any pictures while we were there but trust me, it is worth it.

Next on our trip was the actual ghost tour with Downtown Karla Brown.  Emma and I were so excited to go on this.  Anyone who knows me knows how into the paranormal I am so this was a real treat.  Karla is very knowledgeable about the area and it's history.  She puts on a great tour.  It is a driving tour with a few stops along the way and is a couple of hours long but so worth it.  

We stopped in front of some famous and infamous houses along our way and she shared the history of those houses.  One of the places we were able to get out at was the Natchez City Cemetery.  There she showed us some Confederate grave sites, a rumored to be haunted grave of a little girl and the Turning Angel.

Confederate graves at the Natchez Cemetery 

Confederate fallen marked by flags and crosses.  As these men were labeled traitors at the time, they were not buried in the Natchez National Cemetery where the Union soldier are buried.

haunted grave in Natchez

This is the rumored to be haunted grave of a little girl.  Her mother had these steps built and would come visit her daughter during every storm to keep her company after she died as the little girl was so scared of storms.  Make what you will of this light.  There were no reflective surfaces and it was before sunset when this picture was taken.  Also, no one else picked this up on their cameras.

turning angel Natchez Mississippi

This angel statue stand guard over five headstones.  These headstones are the markers for five people killed when a building exploded.  The building owner felt so bad he had this statue placed here to guard over them.  It is said that when you are driving by, this angel, who is facing into the cemetery, seems to be turning and looking over her shoulder at you.

Next on our ghost tour we visited the old jail house, now an office building owned by the Sheriff's station, were people were hung.  We got to see the actual death row, the execution area and walk into some actual old cells.  It was deliciously creepy and I loved it.  Karla brings along her K-II EMF meter and we watched it light up several times.  

We then went down to a row of cells and stood waiting in the dark for a spirit to turn on Karla's flashlight.  Spirits are unpredictable at best and sometimes things don't go our way but here is a picture given to me by Karla of the flashlight coming on at a previous tour.

We did, however, capture several orbs!  Orbs are thought to be spheres of energy from the spiritual realm. Some people, including myself, are of the opinion that these orbs are spirits or spirit guides.  People say this jail is haunted and I believe there is definitely some residual energy there.  Whether it's haunted or not, go take the tour and you be the judge!

orb upper left corner Natchez Mississippi

Can you see the orb?!  It's the perfectly round whitish circle right at the top of the cell door in the back left of this picture.

Natchez is a wonderful place to visit full of culture and history.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will be back again to visit more places and discover new stories.

Natchez sunset

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