Denied! What??!!

So a crazy thing happened to me this morning…. I was DENIED as a wholesale seller on a certain platform. 


wholesale denial letter


Like I do wholesale all the time.  I actually really enjoy it.  And honestly... I don't think I've ever really been denied, business wise... It's new to me and It really has me shook. 

While I'm not happy about it, their reasoning was clear and they are right! 95% of my items are personalized.  It's my jam!  But it's not theirs.  They are looking for more non-personalized, ready to ship items.

So, I am taking their advice to heart and I’ve come up with a plan! 

Over the next several days I'm going to be on my Facebook page and Facebook group asking for words, sayings, etc. to revamp some products and add more ready to ship items to my line. 

While I will accept names, because let's face it, that's what I do, i'm hoping for more generic yet meaningful words and phrases to bolster my wholesale line and next time get that YES!!!

EVERYONE who adds their name/saying/whatever will get a discount on the item I'm showcasing. All of these items, after discount, will be around $10 plus shipping! Some colors/styles are limited but don't worry. I have around 300 in stock and this well help me tremendously with different variations, etc. of these products.

So let's do this!  Help me out would ya? 



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