10 NEW Christmas ornaments under $35


Today is November 16th!  Where has the year gone?!!  With all the personal drama going on the last 4 months I've barely had time to think about the Christmas season.  So, without further ado let me introduce you to the new line up of Christmas ornaments this year!


10 NEW Christmas ornaments under $35




10) Santa - This jolly Santa ornament is perfect for any family tree.  I just love his little mittens and hat!



9)  The snowflake - One of our Christmas staples, the snowflake comes in 5 different designs on the website and keeps it simple and elegant.  This ornament is for a family of 6 or less.  



8) The Grandchildren - This ornament for all the grandkids was a huge hit!  8 -10 names can fit on this ornament and it will surely make Grandma, Mimi, LaLa, Nana or even Mameaux smile!



7) The Elf - This super cute jolly Elf ornament is sure to brighten up any Christmas tree this year!  He's adorable!



6) The Christmas tree - One of our new tree shaped ornaments for this year.  He's bigger than our traditional aluminum ornament and that font is gorgeous!  



5) The Santa Head ornament - Made exclusively for those family who truly has the Force with them, this Rebel ornament is perfect for the Jedi loving family.



4) Another new snowflake - We are snowflake heavy this year!  This snowflake comes in 2 sizes (see #3).  Perfect for a family of 5 - 6 



3) Small snowflakes - The smaller version of the snowflake above, this ornament will hold 1 name and is priced so you can get one for all your kiddos!



2) Small snowflake #2 - The smaller version of the first snowflake above, this ornament will hold 1 name and is priced so you can get one for all your kiddos!




1) The Naughtly List Ornaments - These ornaments found here and here , express how my personal 2021 has gone.  They are NSFW or for children's eyes.  click at your own risk!


fuckflake ornament


These are just a few of the 30+ ornaments we have available this year and are on sale now for 20% off!  This week only!  No need for a coupon code as I've marked them down on the site for you!  


Tell me below which your favorite ornament is and why!


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