10 Family Christmas Ornament Ideas

Still groggy from my post Halloween candy and horror flick induced coma the cold shot through me like a bolt of lightening and sent shivers down my spine.  As I walked my Pomeranian "Phoebe" through the first frost of the season it was clear that winter is coming! 

Phoebe Ciastko

Phoebe sporting her Christmas sweater last year

Today is November 1st and with all the grand opening downtown busy-ness going on the last 2 months I've barely had time to think about the Christmas season.  So, while I walked Phoebe I decided today would be a great day to start out annual Christmas ornament sale!

 Delena Ciastko Designs Christmas ornament sale


So to better help you out in your never ending struggle to find the RIGHT family ornament for you, Here are 10 family Christmas ornament ideas.

10) The Star - always classy, the star ornament is for smaller families of 4 or less.  While I *can* fit more on this star ornament it does look better with fewer names



9)  The snowflake - One of our Christmas staples, the snowflake comes in 3 different designs on the website and keeps it simple and elegant.  This ornament is for a family of 6 or less.  



8) The Grandchildren - New to DCD last year this ornament for all the grandkids was a huge hit!  8 -10 names can fit on this ornament and it will surely make Grandma, Mimi, LaLa, Nana or even Mameaux smile!


Grandchildren ornament


7) The Elf - This super cute pewter Elf ornament is holding a small pewter sign with your family's name on it.  He's adorable!



6) The Holly Leaf - Hand cast in pewter and made to last for years to come this holly leaf ornament is perfect for a smaller family.  They are super affordable for a personalized item so you could even do one for each child!  



5) The Jedi Rebel Alliance - Made exclusively for those family who truly has the Force with them, this Rebel ornament is perfect for the Jedi loving family.



4) The pewter tree - The Christmas tree is always a favorite.  This year we've strung lights on the trees for you!  Perfect for a family of 5 - 6 and made from hand cast pewter so it will last for years to come.



3) The Reindeer - Rudolph doesn't have anything on this cutey!  Made from light weight aluminum this personalized ornament is affordable and perfect for the family of 4 or less.



2) The Vintage ornament - Hand cast in pewter and made to look like a vintage ornament, this beauty is amazing!  This one is perfect for bigger families. It can be personalized around and in the middle of this ornament.




1) The Mitten - The pewter mitten is the biggest of them all!  This thing will hold LOTS of names.  Seriously it's perfect!



These are just a few of the 30+ ornaments we have available this year and are on sale now for 20% off!  This week only!  No need for a coupon code as I've marked them down on the site for you!  


Tell me below which your favorite ornament is and why!



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